When you donate to the Gifted Horse, you can choose where your money goes.

Sponsor a kid

We never want to turn someone away because of money. Many of the riders in our programs need this in their lives, but have no way of paying for it. Your donations make it possible for us to offer scholarships to these deserving children.

Sponsor a horse

Any horse can be sponsored.

Keeping horses healthy requires a lot of expenses.


A modest donation of $10 can feed all the horses one meal.


$580 can pay for a farrier to come and clean and trim all of the horses hooves, and get them fitted with horseshoes. $520 can pay for one horse to have their hooves cleaned for an entire year. These treatments keep them sound and healthy, with their feet protected from bruising when they walk on rocks.

Veterinary care

Here’s an example of a treatment that most people don’t think about: Horses have evolved to have teeth that grow all the time, kind of like beavers. Every year they get a “floating” treatment, where they are sedated and their teeth are filed down. This is $125 per horse.

Your donations make it possible for us to continue our work giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to ride horses.